His Story

Within a dense forest in the foothills of Northern California, a soulful journey began. First unexpected contact with ancient Vedic wisdom was made at age 17 (on a magazine rack within a bathroom). Srila Prabhupada’s books eloquently revealed timeless answers to countless questions about the nature of the world, the soul, of God, and our relationship with Him. How to invest our lives in a way that fully nourishes and enlivens the heart and ultimately the hearts of everyone by watering the very root.

At age 22, moving into the Hare Krishna monk ashram along the San Diego coastline. Extending transcendental literature to the masses at universities, festivals, and events up and down the California coast. Taking up the services of cooking, cleaning, managing, and eventually, at 27, transitioning into starting a multimedia design company, HoofprintMedia.com, and marriage with the now departed, Syamali Dasi. Having been supported by loving family and friends and feeling a peaceful trust that Krishna had some beautiful plan for the path ahead; enters Haripriya. ♥️

Her Story

Nestled within the pristine mountains of British Columbia, Canada, a rural Hare Krishna farm community called Saranagati Village provided a simple and sheltered childhood home. Living in a wood cabin, using solar-generated electricity, eating fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden (if the bears spared them), galloping through open fields on horseback, and being free of the complexities of internet, phone, television, and other modern technologies, were among the many opulences of that bucolic life.

Soon, opportunities beyond that remote valley presented themselves and a great journey began, full of adventure, challenge, and growth. Traveling on bus tours throughout North America and Mexico, studying the ancient wisdom of Bhakti Yoga in India, receiving shelter from exalted spiritual teachers, cultivating deep friendships in Europe, obtaining a Bachelor degree in Elementary Education, serving at a spiritually-based Montessori school in Florida, and now finally saying “YES” to Bhismadeva Dasa with a full heart. Thus a new chapter begins.

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Our Prayer

Together, we pray to always be instruments of Krishna’s love and compassion, to be sincere supporters of each other, and to be enriched by and propelled forward in devotional service. We seek your prayers and blessings on our journey forward.

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